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Louise Wood's Journal


Louise Augusta Daphne Pearl Wood
12 September 1991
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annoying my brother,
apples, arbys, b.j., baby bop,
babyfaced sun, bagpipes, bananas, being annoying,
birds, bob the builder,
bother, bottle caps, brooklyn, candles,
cookie monster, coral, crackers, cupholders,
designer bathrobes that aren't,
designer hats that aren't, digimon, dipsy,
dora the explorer, dorks, ears,
elephants, eroi, feather pens, freaks,
frogs, geeks, girly boys, gogo boots,
haggis, hating barney, hating britney spears,
high heel shoes, home videos, house elf bowling,
internal organs, jekyll and hyde,
kilts, kodak, lala, leather,
moon boots, most musicals, motorcycling,
*~*~*national buddy rogers day*~*~*,
nerds, po, poke the bunny, ponytail holders,
potter puppet pals, pudding, radishes,
ringing in my ears, rory lello, rory's blue sock,
sailor moon, seseme street, shoes, shopping, side ponytails,
slinky, socks, squeaking, st. gerald ford's day,
story time, sunfaced baby, telling tall tales,
the colour yellow, twister, yellow, HATING X-BOXES!!!!!!!!
wicked, Sound!!!!!!, Simon, Sound again.WICKED!!!!!!

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2009 Gryffindors are Love
Top Row: Lexy Lello, Felix Marfell, Ginny Weasley, Gully Higgins, Laney and Lexy Lello, Tarky Burns, Louise Wood.
Bottom Row: Louise Wood and Rory Lello, Laney Lello, Emmett Madley, Ginny Weasley, Colin Creevey, Kelly Genes, Emmett Madley and Rory Lello.